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    DQ77KB Malfunctioning Memory Socket 1




      I've been trying to contacting imtel regarding a faulty motherboard,

      live chat is busy and clicking contact by e-mail sends me through a

      loop. I've also tried e-mailing directly with no response.


      I've had this board since the end of 2012, and initially only had one

      stick of ram in Socket 2. I recently bought a second stick which

      wouldn't work in Socket 1, I have since tried other memory in both

      sockets and have come to the conclusion that only socket 2 has every

      worked. I would like a replacement board so I can run 2 x 8GB in

      dual-channel mode.


      Please advice the steps to take to send the board in for replacement.


      Details of the board:



      Serial Number : BTKB22199TL4

      Stocking Id/Part Number : G40294-401


      Estimated Warranty Expiration*: Nov 25,2015


      Regards, Paul.