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    Intel HD 4600 - HDMI Monitor Will Not Sleep


      The monitor connected to the HDMI port will not sleep, the one connected to the DVI port does.



      I have i5-4690k, ASRock Z97 Extreme6, two HP 23xi monitors, Win 8.1 x64, current drivers.


      Similar Problem... Monitor does not sleep with latest Intel GFX drivers



      The monitors both went to sleep fine using the same cables on my old pc with a graphics card.


      I have tried different HDMI cables, an HDMI (pc) to DVI (monitor) cable, and swapped the monitors.



      The monitors say Monitor Going To Sleep, and the DVI monitor goes to sleep and stays asleep.


      The HDMI monitor sleeps for 1 second, then says Monitor Going To Sleep, sleeps for 1 second, etc. in a loop.



      The problem is either with the motherboard (all drivers and UEFI up to date) or with the Intel 4600 HD driver.


      Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the problem?  I haven't tried the DisplayPort (I dont have a cable).


      Removing the driver and using Microsoft Basic Display Adapter has the same problem.