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    DG41WV Restart Problem


      I'm having restart problem I tried to figure out but I couldn't

      It gets restart every after awhile and I've no ******* idea what to do with this, Hard Drive is fine coz i was using this before with other system, RAM or MotherBoard could be the reason and it has only problem with Windows 7

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          Hello Fazi121, thanks a lot for posting your inquire at Intel communities


          For this kind of behavior, I would recommend you to follow this procedure:


          1. Take the motherboard out of the chassis and using only minimum configuration (board, processor, and power supply) No memory stick. Since there is no memory you should be able to get 3 beeps.
          2. Using 1 memory stick try to access the BIOS pressing F2.


          According to you post, you are having this issue when using Windows7. Have you try installing Windows XP or a new image of Windows 7.


          You may want to try another power supply and also do a clear CMOS http://www3.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/emea/eng/membership/411560.htm