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    Jittery Screen After Graphics Driver Update


      I have been experiencing a strange behaviour regarding my display. Looking around for similar problem, it seems that it's a rather unique problem.


      Since about a couple of months ago, whenever I install/update my graphic drivers with Intel's, my main laptop screen gets all jittery and the fan starts off, probably due to higher CPU usage (although monitor doesn't seem to indicate that). When connecting a secondary screen, the former displays correctly while my main laptop screen continues to behave erratically.


      This issue does not happen when I uninstall the drivers and revert back to the default Microsoft display adapter. Continuing to use the default display adapter is not an option, since it won't support external display, or brightness control. I've tries contacting the manufacturer, but their solution is to format the computer, which I can't afford to do that right now. So lately I've been only using my laptop with secondary screen display only, and refrain from turning it on without being connected to one.


      My machine is a Samsung ATIV Pro (700T), model XE700T1C running Windows 8.1, 64-bit.

      I've made sure to update to the latest drivers. I've also tried updating to the previous version before the latest one with no luck.

      I've attached a screenshot that shows the screen behaviour.


      Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue that doesn't require OS formatting?

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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.

          I understand you are getting some video quality issues after installing Intel video drivers.

          I have checked specifications for your Samsung ATIV Pro 700T, this table PC comes with Intel® HD Graphics 4000.

          I regret to inform you that the support for your product is managed by your Tablet manufacturer.  This is because the drivers Intel provides on our website were not developed for Tablet computers. They were designed for desktop and mobile systems.

          Please access the link below for contact support: