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    Build yocto fail and error


      Hi intel


      I try to build Intel quark yocto version.

      Build code BSP is Board_Support_Package_Sources_for_Intel_Quark_v1.0.1.7z.

      I'm follow intel Quark_BSPBuildGuild.pdf(Release: 0.7.5).

      I want to build a more fully-featured Linux to run out of the SD card.

      After run bitbake image-full.

      I get some error message.


      20140811 build yocto error 3.jpg

      How can I do?



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          The error message is caused because the x264 hash code has been updated. To fix this issue, update the hash code.


          • Open the x264_git.bb file found in the following directory:


          • Replace the SRCREV with the new hash code:

          OLD: SRCREV = "1cffe9f406cc54f4759fc9eeb85598fb8cae66c7"

          NEW: SRCREV = "bfed708c5358a2b4ef65923fb0683cefa9184e6f"

          After changing the x264_git.bb file, finish building your image with bitbake. If the error message continues, then the hash code might have changed again. To get the updated hash code, run the following commands, and copy and replace the new code.

          git clone git://git.videolan.org/x264.git
          cd x264
          git log --grep 'Fix possible issues with out-of-spec QP value

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            hi clayder


            go to $../meta-clanton_v1.0.1/meta-oe/meta-oe/recipes-multimedia/x264

            - there is one file x264_git.bb file


            replace SRCREV from "1cffe9f406cc54f4759fc9eeb85598fb8cae66c7" to "bfed708c5358a2b4ef65923fb0683cefa9184e6f", then save it.


            now go into meta-clanton_v1.0.1 directory

            now $source poky/oe-init-build-env yocto-build

            then run $bitbake image-full-galileo

            this will solve your error

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              Thanks  JPMontero

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                Thanks krish_22