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    Dell Inspiron 5737 is overheating?




      I bought a Dell laptop about six days ago - Intel i7 4500U 1.8GHz 8GBRAM 1000GBHDD 17.3'' HD+ 1600x900 AMD Mobility Radeon HD8870M 2GB GDDR5, im very concerned about its running temperatures. At idle state it shows approx. 50 C and while gaming temperature can reach 85 C, are those temperatures OK? System does not crash lag freeze or anything everything seems stable even when gaming. I have read that Haswell processors run at higher temperatures, but 85 C, isnt that too high? I have not modified laptops hardware nor software, everything is full stock. So my question is - should i worry about frying this computer?

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          Hi knifeparty1,


          I am sorry you are having problems but let me help you.


          Please note that 85C it is quite high and it can be considered as overheating. Here you will need to check several things:

          1. The computer can have a lot of dust inside causing not a very good airflow.
          2. I would recommend you updating the BIOS to the latest.
          3. Test the internal components with the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. Here you can get it:



          If the problem persists and everything seems to be good, I recommend you contacting the Computer Manufacture for them to check the unit and give possible replacement.


          Kevin M

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thank You for Your answer !

            Well the computer is brand new so i assume that there is no dust or not that much that it stops good airflow.

            BIOS should be latest if im correct.

            Already tested with that tool, didnt give any errors at all.

            Im giving it back today to our local retailer for checkup and we will see what is the problem, You think I should ask for a new laptop?



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              Well the replacement depends on the warranty terms and conditions provided by the seller or the computer manufacture so It would be necessary for you to check the replacement options with them.


              Kevin m