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    D54250WYK graphic driver has problem for windows7.


      I installed D54250WYK graphic driver for Windows7 64bit. I try memory test which is standard function of Windows7 after installing graphic driver. The test show that memory has error. But Teh Test of Windows8 don't show error. I think that graphic driver for Windows7 is to destroy the Windows7 system. Is data destroyed during using Windows7? Please Tell me.


      I use 'D54250WY-D34010WY driver bundle'(2014/07/01) and 'WY0027.BIO'(2014/07/10).

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          Thanks for joining the NUC community.

          I understand you are experiencing some memory errors after installing video drivers for win7.

          I have been testing video drivers 3621 and the latest version 3643 on same NUC model with same BIOS version, I am not experiencing same issues as you have reported so far. I do not think there will be any data corruption.

          If you need to update video drivers on you NUC please try the following URL Intel® Download Center



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            Mr Harvey

            Hi Allan,


            can you or someone from the NUC team please comment on RAM boards and Intel graphics drivers affecting each other, i.e. is it possible that graphics driver (when installed) could cause screen corruption with some RAM boards in Intel NUCs?


            I am experiencing such issue with my NUC D54250WYK - as soon as the Intel graphics driver is installed on Windows 7 x64 (regardless of driver version), the NUC will freeze & crash within 30 minutes with garbage on screen (not reproducible, but always happens randomly - I have another post on this forum related to that; NUC was already replaced with a new one, and the same problem remained).


            On the other hand, if the Intel graphics driver is not installed, and using the same RAM, the NUC works stable and can be running normally for days without rebooting. What is also interesting is that I am seeing the same behavior on Linux Mint (both on old and new NUC).


            Could it be that the Intel graphics driver alters the memory access in some way, or uses the memory more "aggressively" so that some RAM boards cannot handle it?  RAM itself was tested with Memtest86+, running for a couple of hours, without any errors.


            I am trying to source a new RAM to test with, but NUC-approved DDR3L boards are hard to come by over here...




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              I understood problem. I installed driver before installing servece pack 1 for Windows7. But I try to install driver to Windows7 with SP1. There is no error.

              Thank you, Allan. And Please write "for Windows7 SP1" to driver file name.

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                I am also having the same issues with a D54250WYK on Windows 7 SP1. I was unable to find a previous driver version than to try. Thinking that this was a possible memory issue, I ran Memtest for 5 passes, but did not experience any issues.


                Has anyone reported this on other OSes?

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                  I can confirm something similar happens with my NUC D54250WYKH.


                  Running Windows 7 Pro x64 with 2x8GB of Crucial Ballistix (1600MHz) cards. The problem is best described as the screen 'fading out' after a few seconds of rainbow-esque distortion. Happens watching Youtube, to doing nothing whilst on the desktop. Almost looks like the Windows going to sleep. The only difference is that the OS resumes after a few seconds (ie, it's not a fatal crash). Looking into Event Viewer there's nothing there, nor is there a recovery message / pop-up after the video output returns.


                  Currently running Intel graphics driver Before updating I hadn't had this issue (none that I realised at least). Suffered the fade-outs a good three times since updating (purchased my NUC back in May, the graphics drivers I installed out-of-the-box worked fine as far as I'm aware).


                  One thing to note. I noticed earlier this morning after in-BIOS tweaking that TurboBoost was disabled (there's a slight bug in the Intel 0026 and 0027 BIOS; realised why it was disabled though that's a different topic). After enabling TurboBoost, haven't come across the graphics issue today. Not that the graphics issue happened frequently mind you... As mentioned, occurs completely randomly.

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                    I can confirm that the issue was present for me with turbo boost enabled. I wasn't able to locate an older driver version than, does anyone know if there is one available for download? I'm pretty happy to roll back to an earlier version until a fix is implemented.

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                      Just checked for you; seems that Intel has removed the previous driver bundle download for the D54250 (from May 1st; it's been replaced with one from July 1st). The one dated May 1st had the older graphics driver; maybe an admin can link you to a private download link where you will be able to source it.


                      On a different note. Just found out what my problem is (the 'problem' I described above returned earlier today). It seems that my LCD monitor is not very well shielded from radio static. That is, my cellphone placed close to the LCD display causes the display to literally fizz out before it returns. Here I was dreading a warranty repair / return for my NUC...