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    Incompatibility DQ87PG


      Hello everybody,


      the combination of my mainboard DQ87PG and my TV card PCTV Dual Sat PCI seems not to work correctly. During normal operations (PC is running) everything is fine and working properly. But after shutdown (not standby or hibernate) there is a high-frequency noise which seems to come from the onboard speaker. When removing the TV card everything is fine. Can somebody help???



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          Hello Michael, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your system.

          It is very important to understand that that we try to make our products compatible to many third party components as possible, but we cannot always guarantee compatibility with all of them.

          The recommendations I can give you are to make sure you have the latest BIOS and driver version available installed on your system. Also make sure you have the latest firmware of the TV card.

          You can also test another PCI device on the board, in order to find out if you have the same behavior.