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    USB Interference


      Hi all

      It appears that there is some sort of interference occurring when using micro USB transceivers with my 5D54250WYKH NUC. I've tried using different transceivers with different mice/keyboards but it consistently renders the peripheral unusable due to mouse/keyboard inputs being choppy and laggy. Interestingly when using the transceiver with a usb extension chord, no such problem exists. Even when the transceiver is plugged into the extension chord and then placed around the NUC unit there is no interference so it is happening only when it is plugged directly into the front or back usb ports of the NUC.


      Has anyone else had any issues similar to this, or does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Thanks for joining the NUC community.


          I understand you are connecting an USB transceiver but also getting interference.


          I am afraid; I do not have similar issues reported with NUC and USB creating interference.


          Make sure you have loaded the latest NUC BIOS here: Intel® Download Center

          File name: WYLPT10H.86A.0027.EB.EXE




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            I too have the same problem my Microsoft keyboard and mouse don't operate correctly when the receiver is plugged directly into the 54250WYKH USB sockets.

            Functions fine in my old Acer Revo 3610 and also in my laptop. I have yet to remote the USB receiver but will when I track my USB extension.

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              Could this interference be due to the way the internal wireless antennas are connected to the chassis?  I didn't take not as to if the antennas were isolated from the chassis or connected, but since they are taped to the metal on the top plate, I can imagine that they couple with the chassis.

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                I think you can exclude that one as I am not running the wireless card on my unit. If remoting the receiver corrects the issue on mine then I will suspect an EMC issue, as that eliminate driver problems.

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                  Hi Allan, I do indeed have the latest BIOS, and all the other latest drivers in fact. It certainly appears to be a hardware issue rather than a software/firmware issue. I have tried two different Microsoft products which both have the same behaviour: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, and the new Microsoft All-In-One Multimedia Keyboard. Both use a nano transceiver. I have not tried using a nano transceiver linked with a non-microsoft product, nor a standard 'large' style receiver.


                  I too thought that it might have something to do with the way the chassis is used as the wireless antenna, but I don't understand why using a USB extension cable rectifies the issue even when I then place the extension cable with the transceiver directly on the chassis.

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                    I have now remoted my USB receiver and it now works correctly. As I explained before, at present I do not have a wireless module installed. Currently my keyboard and mouse work correctly and the receiver is no more than 150mm from the NUC.