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    4790k Overheating


      My hardware first:


      Asus Z97 Deluxe

      Corsair h100i

      gskill 1866mhz 16gb

      evga 780 reference

      Samsung evo 500gb


      So I have tested everything as I have 2 computers and everything so far points to my new 4790k.  I have tried to reseat the cpu, re applied thermal paste and reset the heatsink.  This cpu gets HOT fast.  I can't even attempt to overclock this CPU due to the temps.  For example, when I run Prime95 to test it, it jumps to 95-100 C almost instantly.  I am a computer hardware guy and I have never seen anything like this so far.  I had a 2500k before and that thing was a beast all around.  What can be done?