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    Processors do not reach the maximum speed.




      Recently bought two Xeon 2670 v2, however they did not reach maximum capacity of 3.3 Ghz, I've tried to turn off and on nearly everything in the

      Bios and also read about, however could not get to a conclusion, it seems something related to turbo boost.


      Something always limits the performance ... but what exactly I do not know.


      * My mother board is a asus ws z9pe-d8



      Thank you

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          I read several topics on this subject, but could not ententer in a simple way ...


          I want the maximum performance of my processor does not care about power or anything ...


          What should I do to release all performance?

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            SamSue, thanks a lot for posting your inquire at Intel communities


            Please note that Intel® Turbo boost is engaged automatically depending on processor’s load, voltage, power and temperature. Therefore, at a particular moment the processor may reach 3.3 Ghz depending on those variables.

            Also, the maximum Turbo Boost speed won’t be reached by all of the processor cores at the same time, the value is assigned to the cores being used gradually at the moment the Turbo Boost kicks out so it is possible that only one core reaches the maximum Turbo Boost speed assigned by default.



            In order to find out if your processor is not defective, you can try installing the Processor Diagnostics Tool. This tool will verify the functionality of your processor. This diagnostic checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features and performs a stress test on the processor. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=Processor%20Diagnostics%20Tool    

            There is a  third party software named CPU-Z, that you may also want to try.



            If you change the Turbo Boost frequency multiplier manually then the processor will try to apply it to the cores in use, but if the maximum power allowed (TDP) is already covered , the CPU won’t continue increasing the cores speed to prevent heat problems.


            You can change the settings, but we do not recommend changing these settings.