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    System will not power on


      I have a problem with 4 Core I3 4150.  I have built two system using Gigabyte H81M-DV2 boards and when I power up the system all that happens is the processor fan turn for a few second and stops and then turns again for a few seconds and it just keeps cycling through this, no power light and nothing on screen.  I have a 550w PSU.


      I put an I5 processor on the board and it worked fine and was able to load all the software I needed.  I put the I3 back in and it was exactly the same as before ie fan start and stop continuously.  I've tested all components in other working systems with no problem and I tested the I3 processor in a know work machine and when I did it just went through the same start stop routine with nothing on screen.


      I'm now at a loss as to how to proceed as I have 4 processors all exhibiting the same issue and can't believe all are faulty.  The processors come from different batches.


      Can anyone offer advice / have you experienced this issue?