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    Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth Not Working After Fresh Windows 7 Install

    Devon Boulden

      I had some problems with my Windows 7 puter so I did a fresh install.  Before that install the 7260 card was working great with my Logitech K810 keyboard.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.  I've followed the install order lists and...you know the story.  Bluetooth acts as if it's paring with the device.  I type in the number code and the computer accepts the code.  The blue light on the keyboard keeps flashing.  The icon appears in the bluetooth area but is grayed.  Eventually the keyboard stops trying and windows drops the icon from the bluetooth.  This keyboard attaches with no problem to the Apple laptop and attached to the puter before I reinstalled from the ground-up.


      Has anyone seen this?  I've searched the posts, but can't find a posting when bluetooth kind-of works but doesn't.