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    Intel HD 4400 no DDC\CI communication over DisplayPort



      I am trying to calibrate my Nec monitor connected by DisplayPort using SpectraView software. I have Lenovo Thinkpad T440s with i7-4600U \ Intel HD 4400 graphics. No matter what connection I am trying (miniDP on notebook or DVI, DP, VGA in ultradock docking station) I am getting no communication over DDC\CI message in SpectraView and NaViSet software. It looks like a problem with Intel HD driver. I’ve tried latest stable Intel driver ( and drivers from Lenovo ( under Windows 8.1 pro (64bits) without a success. I’ve also tried 3 monitors (NEC PA271w, EA274wmi and Dell U2410) on this machine with different kind of software which requires DDC\CI communication with the same result = no communication over DDC. All monitors can communicate on different Lenovo notebook with dedicated ATI graphics without any problems.


      Any ideas how to enable DDC\CI communication in Intel HD driver?


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