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    Intel NUC and RME Babyface


      I have Intel NUC DC32171IYE, running Windows 7. And I have a USB audio interface, RME Babyface. When I try to listen to sound through RME Babyface, for example when playing a YouTube video, everything works fine until suddenly the sound stops. Usually this happens when I load up the next YouTube video. When the sound stops, there is still volume bar movement in the Playback tab on systray's Windows Sound application. But the video slows down considerably (very small framerate) and that's a sign of a major problem. No effect on CPU usage though (low % in Task Manager Processes even audio has stopped and video is choppy).


      Then I have to unplug the Babyface USB and plug it in. Sometimes it starts playing again, sometimes not. The Babyface and the computer are both new, so most likely no faults in cables or ports. I went through all Windows 7 "Edit power plan" settings, couldn't make any difference. I also switched off "Intel Dynamic Power Technology" in BIOS. Made no difference.


      There is a secondary USB cable on Babyface to ensure enough power from USB but that does not help. I don't think the problem is due to USB not giving enough power. There may be some kind of hardware compatibility problem that kicks in semi-randomly (and randomly prevents Babyface from ever starting correctly upon connection). Babyface is designed to be used with mobile setups so it definitely should work with Intel NUC!


      What can I do to fix/troubleshoot this?

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          Thanks for joining the NUC community.

          I understand you have a RME Babyface device that is not working properly with NUC DC32171IYE.

          This may be compatibility issue; however, there are couple of things to try before determining this problem is hardware compatibility.


          1. Let's try updating the computer BIOS:

          Intel® Download Center

          File name: GKPPT10H.86A.0050.EB.EXE

          Before updating BIOS, please check list of fixes here: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23946/eng/GK_0050_ReleaseNotes.pdf


          2. Test RME Babyface on a different computer, different NUC model or even a laptop system.

          If you are still having same problem, I recommend checking with RME forum community for any issues or some tips other customers may be able to provide.

          RME: Community




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            1. I had that version (newest) was already installed.


            2. It works without any problems on two other computers (one laptop, one desktop computer).


            The RME community was not able to help. Intel, is it possible for you to try RME Babyface with NUC DC32171IYE? I can confirm that the combination is NOT working at the moment.

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              I am sorry to hear that still is not working for you.

              The fact that your RME Babyface works on two different computer, it means this is a compatibility problem. Please wait for future BIOS releases that may help with this problem.

              Intel® Download Center



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                gkppt10h.86a.0053.eb.exe (BIOS version 0053) still is not helping. (Also the newest graphics driver gfx_win7_8_8.1_64_10.18.10.3945.zip does not help.)


                Please can you make this a priority issue? I have bought an expensive system and it is useless until this starts working! I can't listen to any sound nor watch videos.

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                  Thanks for the update.



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                    Important update. I think my Intel NUC DC3217IYE was BROKEN from the beginning. I came to this conclusion when I noticed that the YouTube Flash player also crashes without reason. It was confusing as the HTML5 version of the YouTube player does not crash and there are no other problems apart from the RME Babyface problem. So I tried my Babyface with another NUC DC3217IYE and it works there.


                    I'm sending my broken NUC for repairs.


                    EDIT: After all, I found out the problem was caused by a compatibility problem between TP-Link TL-WN722N USB WiFi Adapter and Intel NUC. Almost impossible to see the connection between video card and audio problem relating to WiFi adapter! Especially as I needed that internet connection to test YouTube. But the culprit was TP-Link (what an amount of wasted time because of that).

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                      Contact Intel Customer Support for warranty replacement of your NUC. You can use our Web Ticketing system to do that.


                      Online warranty: Service Request Email


                      Chat support: Contact Support