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    4930mx missing capacitors




      Last week I had tried to change the default processor thermal grease to a Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pad. After carefully applied, I turned on my laptop and I did some load tests (wPrime) to monitor the cpu temps. After some seconds, I heard a noise inside my laptop and it becomes turned off. The next time that I had tried to turn on the laptop, It beeped 5 or 7 times. So, I decided to open the laptop and examine what happened. When I removed the processor I saw that the Liquid Pad had leaked and reached some Die Side Capacitors. So, I removed the Liquid Metal Pad, and as gift it brings to me two capacitors together! I reseated the processor again and I turned on the laptop again. It works fine. I did various tests and it appears to be Ok with exception of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tools that stuck on Reading Cache Size step. I would like to know if these missing capacitors has some importance or cause some issues in case they are missing/damaged. What you recommend? Theres some way to test all components? Can I replace these capacitors for another? If yes, whats the specification? I dont took a picture of cpu, but on the following link  I marked the capacitors of red. Very Thanks.



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          Hello Guilherme, I am really sorry to hear you had that bad experience with your processor.

          It is difficult to know if these missing capacitors are causing the behavior. I’m pretty sure they were important, since they were part of the processor.


          I can try to get the information for you, however, I’m not sure how long is going to take to receive the answer. I will reply back to you is I got something.


          It is important to say that there are sectors inside the processor that sometimes are never used due to the functionality or the task running so it is possible you may not see any problem. However, I'm going to request information to the engineering team.

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            Hello Sylvia.


            I appreciate your help and I will wait for the response.


            Very thanks!