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    Chipset q35 "uefi boot" and windows 8.1 installation issue


      Hi everyone . Since yesterday , I've tryed fix it but with no results (look at the attachment link to watch video) at first i thought that is

      fault of wrong filesystem in pendrive so then i used all options from program (I used few programs nad guess...:) nothing help )  named "rufus"  then

      i used windows 7 usb tool - program unpacked iso i moved a files to c partition then i formated pendrive to fat32 fs and  backup the moved files.

      how I can suppose with that same rusults splash screen (logo windows) , that "reinbow" and then reboot.  Also try that way where i unplug all

      extended card(Pcie graphic card and network ) and hdds. In that case I used integrated graphic card and still i get "rainbow" ,load default

      setting in bios  , even flash again it) nothing helped  also i checked vbios is newest as the same as motherboard(my model dq35mp) bios   , last

      post codes which i get before splash screen  or in the same time as splash screen are EB , BA , E7, B8 ,94 . Any suggestions  ?


      20140807 051734 - YouTube
      20140806_070130 — kopia.jpg

      when i took the picture i had unpluged pendrive but i always change boot order to pendrive first .

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          Hello Kamil95, thank you very much for contacting us through Intel Communities and also for sharing your video.


          After seeing the video and reading your issue, I really think that you have a compatibility problem between the chipset q35 and Windows 8.1. This chipset support Windows Vista and Windows XP.  Desktop Boards — Supported operating systems    

          It also support Windows 7 but the support is what we called As-is^2


          as is.JPG


          Do you have the same behavior when using Windows 7?

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            While installation windows 7 in "UEFI boot" mode i get that BSOD


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              There is something very important that needs to be considered in this case. Intel® Desktop Boards with UEFI BIOS were released a couple of years ago with the Intel® 7 Series Chipsets. Boards based on older chipsets didn’t have an actual UEFI BIOS but they offered an UEFI option to allow the operating system installation in Hard Disk Drives bigger than 2TB in GPT file system. We are unable to tell what to expect when trying to install Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 in these boards as they were made for the current operating system at that time (Windows XP and Windows Vista). Even so, we released some drivers for Windows 7 meaning that this operating system can be installed but we are not in position to provide technical support to it in eventual problems.


              Now, since these boards included a Chipset (Northbridge) and an ICH (Southbridge) it is possible that Windows 7 and Windows 8 are finding conflicts with the system bus used by these components or conflicts other on board electronics.


              It is difficult to provide a recommendation but something you can try is an actual Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license DVD instead of the bootable USB image. Also you can check in the board BIOS that the SATA chipset mode is set to IDE. These boards offered AHCI and RAID modes that usually required loading F6 drivers during Windows XP setup. Windows 7 and earlier don’t need these drivers, but just in case, by using IDE mode Windows shouldn’t need any driver. In any case, if you are using RAID or AHCI modes, you can try loading the F6 driver during the Windows setup. The driver is loaded and the screen where the installation asks to select the HDD where to do the installation.