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    DN2820FYKH BIOS & USB problem


      I just setup my DN2820FYKH with 64GB SSD and 4GB SO-DIMM RAM


      I couldn't access BIOS with F2, or enter upgrade menu with F7. So I upgraded with recovery to latest version 38.

      After completing this upgrade I still cannot access BIOS, and none of my bootable USB's are working.


      Only thing I see is a message about PXE networking booting which could be find.


      What can I do?

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          Were you able to somehow verify that the BIOS really upgraded to 38?  If not, I wonder if you might be using a Microsoft keyboard and whether you might have access to some non-Microsoft keyboard to try.  When my DN2820FYKH arrived I was not able to do those F2-F7 using any of my keyboards (all varying models from Microsoft) but then I got a different brand keyboard and was able to use the key and upgrade BIOS.  With the later BIOS, my Microsoft keyboards worked.

          I can't help with the bootable USBs - when BIOS setup is functioning it makes sense to double-check settings such as Legacy boot and Optical boot, etc.

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            Yes I'm sure, cause when I runned BIOS recovery update again, you can see your actual version.

            I use a Microsoft, but I've no other keyboard whatI can try at the moment.


            Right now I try to workaround with Intel® Integrator Toolkit  I changed the default settings from latest BIOS so USB device is first boot device.

            Seems to be working..