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    SSD RAID-1 on Z97 chipset - TRIM supported?




      I have recently built a new PC consisting of:
      - Intel Core i7 4970 CPU
      - Asus Z97-Pro motherboard

      - 2x Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSDs

      - Windows 8.1 Pro


      The two disks are connected to the board over SATA-3. I am currently running the disks in AHCI mode, but plan to switch to a RAID-1 configuration.

      I am struggling to find reliable information whether the TRIM command is supported in RAID-1 mode or not.

      The specifications for the new Series 9 chipsets (Z97, H97) state that TRIM is supported in RAID-0 mode. But what about RAID-1?

      What would be the right combination of chipset, BIOS, RST drivers etc. for TRIM to work?


      Thank you.