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    Inconsistent RAID5


      Good day.

      We have a small RAID5 on an Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSAS18E comprised of 4 Seagate Cheetah ST3600057SS drives.  The array seems to be functioning fine, however the command:

      #  storcli /c0 /v1 show all

      results in part:




      /c0/v1 :




      DG/VD TYPE    State Access Consist   Cache  sCC     Size Name


      1/1       RAID5   Optl    RW      No         RWTC  -      1.633 TB



      Cac=CacheCade|Rec=Recovery|OfLn=OffLine|Pdgd=Partially Degraded|dgrd=Degraded

      Optl=Optimal|RO=Read Only|RW=Read Write|B=Blocked|Consist=Consistent|

      R=Read Ahead Always|NR=No Read Ahead|WB=WriteBack|

      AWB=Always WriteBack|WT=WriteThrough|C=Cached IO|D=Direct IO|sCC=Scheduled

      Check Consistency



      From Google I understand that a lack of consistency means problems with parity.  What I have not been able to figure out, and what I am looking for here is what can I do about it?




      David Chapman