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    USB wireless adapter on NUC 54250WYKH


      Something very strange.  When I restart my NUC, I need to unplug my Edimax AC-1200 USB 3.0 wireless adapter (EW-7822UAC) (and plug it into a different USB port) to get it to be recognized again.  What is odd is that what powering up, I see the lights on the adapter come on, then something on the windows tray (bottom right) sais something about checking USB speed, and then the lights on the adapter go out.  To get windows to see the adapter again, I need to connect it to a DIFFERENT USB port, and then windows will detect it again.


      Is this something with USB drivers that go with the NUC?  I use this adapter on my other Windows and Linux boxes without any of this fuss.  Is there anything that I can change in drivers or BIOS to prevent this from occurring?


      I am using Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 with all patches applied and My NUC has latest Drivers and BIOS.