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    NUC 2820 BIOS issue


      Hi All,


      I'm brand new to the NUC and currently trying to install openelec on a recently purchased NUC 2820 (Celeron) Here's whats happened;

      Initailly, it would not see the usb drive i was installing from. I updated to latest BIOS (downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.as...tID=3782&ProdId=3782), this completely messed up the resolution when booting and would not allow me into BIOS setup (just a blank grey screen)

      So I started stepping back through the previous versions,  I eventually could see the usb drive and successfuilly installed openelec. The problem now is that it boots into the command prompt i..e I have to F10 and select my ssd, openelec then opens. I've installed prettty much all the aviilable BIOS versions at this point and cannot get into BIOS setup with any of them to change the boot order. FYI on the BIOS version it shipped with I could get into setup fine (but no USB!)


      Any guidance at all on this would be really appreciated, Thanks


      One other very quick question, will i have any problems using an IR USB reciever on this setup? The NUC will ideally be hidden therefore onboard reciever of no use


      Thanks again