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    Can't get 3 displays going on HP EliteBook 8470p w/ Intel HD 4000


      I have an HP EliteBook 8470p w/ Intel 3320M and HD4000 graphics on an HP docking station.  I am trying to run 3 displays (on board display and 2 external monitors).  I read through the FAQ and I'm trying to do my best to set this up but it isn't working.


      Now I will start this by saying my 2 neighbors here at work do have 3 displays working.  They are using HP EliteBook Folio 9470M with Intel 3437u and HD4000 graphics on an HP slim docking station.  They have an active DP to VGA adapter to 1 monitor, VGA connected directly to the back of the docking station for monitor 2 and the on board display.  I borrowed the adapter and tried this same setup but no dice.  The PC detects all 3 monitors but i cant enable more than 2 at a time.  I've tried using the vga and dp connection on the docking station, the vga and dp port on the laptop itself, and any mix there of I could think of.  I'm not sure why it wont work for me.  I know it's a different model laptop and docking station, but we have the same HD 4000 chipset, same drivers, same OS (Win7 Enterprise 64), same monitors, same cables and same adapter.