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    Intel Smart Response - cache and system partition on same SSD?




      I plan to install SSD + HDD on my PC and use Smart Responce to boost HDD.

      As far as i know, ISR can use all SSD space for cache (but no more than 64gb), or just 19.8gb.

      Question is - could i somehow use 19.8gb of SSD for HDD cache and install Windows to the unused space?


      I've found that kind of solution on other forum, but feel quite sceptical about it:

      1) Set Intel SATA controller to RAID mode in BIOS.

      2) Install Windows 7 on the spare HDD. Might need to put Intel RAID driver on USB stick for 7 Setup.

      3) With this temporary Windows 7, install Intel Rapid Storage and setup the Smart Response caching for the HDD and SSD. I used the minimum 18.9GB cache size (it's either that or 64GB).

      4) You're done with the temporary hard drive now.

      5) Install Windows 7 to the leftover SSD space. Will probably need Intel RAID driver for 7 Setup now otherwise you may not see the unused SSD space.

      6) Install Intel Rapid Storage and HDD caching should automatically be active.