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    Intel(R) Wifi Link 5300 AGN - "Allow this device to wake the computer" grayed out


      We have about 600 HP EliteBook 8530p laptops for the students to use.  The laptops have this Intel(R) Wifi Link 5300 AGN wireless NIC onboard.  I have updated the drivers countless times to the latest.   Sometimes driver only, sometimes full package.  The wireless works fine once you log in but we are trying to get the "Allow this device to wake the computer" option enabled under the device's Power Management tab in Device manager.


      We deploy apps via GPOs prelogon and this feature needs to be enabled in order for this to happen.  We also have some laptops that had the 6300 AGN with a similar issue but was able to enable the option by updating the driver. 


      I worked with an Intel support rep but we were not able to enable the option on this 5300 AGN.  He suggested I try this community because there might be a way to enable it via some registry setting changes but he was not allowed to endorse the hacking of the registry.


      Does anyone know what needs to be changed to enable this option on the 5300 AGNs


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.