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      Have just purchased a DN2820FYKH NUC and installed a 8GB RAM plus a HDD but when powered up cannot get into the BIOS settings with the F2 command.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this would does not work.

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          Hello Covemoon, thank you very much for contacting us through Intel Communities.


          You may want to check the following thread on a user was having a similar issue. DN2820FYKH - Cannot get into Bios Settings after update


          You can also try doing a BIOS update using minimum configuration.

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            I am not from Intel but I question the other thread they pointed you to.

            I have a feeling that you may be using a Microsoft keyboard and you may need to switch to some non-Microsoft keyboard until you update the BIOS.  That is a problem I had (I also had to switch from a computer monitor to a TV display, but I don't think you reported that problem).  After the BIOS update, I was able to use Microsoft keyboard (and computer monitor).

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