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    Problem Updating my Intel Graphics Driver.


      Hey guys,

      My processor is Intel® Core™ i5-430M Processor (I think its first generation) with Intel HD Graphics, which all came on a windows 7 64-bit Laptop. It was all working well till i decided to update to windows 8.1 x64. Now, the problem is, I am getting a message that my graphics driver isn't supported on my OS, and that i need to update it. Thats all well.. except there's no option for a windows 8.1 graphics driver on the download center for my first generation i5 processor. The latest update for my processor is for windows 7, and that's it. Any drivers i download wont install at all.. with a message "Your pc doesnt meet the min system requirements." As a result, I cant update, nor can i access basic driver allowances like the HDMI connection feature.

      Please help me find an intel graphics driver that will actually work on my system, i.e. , support both Intel® Core™ i5-430M Processor and windows 8.1 x64 OS? i shall be grateful for any help I can get on this matter. Thnx in Advanced!!!!!!