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    why bootfailure with preinstalled (windows 8-64) 2,5-hdd?


      I´m new in this field and want a tip, why my nuc2820 don´t love to boot with a preinstalled (Windows 8-64) 2,5-hdd. - Preinstalled means on an acer revo 80.

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          Hello Friese03, welcome to Intel Communities and thanks a lot for posting your inquire.

          If you are moving a hard drive with an operating system already preinstalled from a computer into another system, it is expected to have problems unless the board of the new system is exactly the same as the other one.

          I can see that the Acer Revo RL80 comes with totally different hardware, especially CPU and Chipset. The drivers installed in that operating system belong to the hardware present in the Acer board.

          If you want to use the hard drive you had in the ACER system, into the NUC, the recommendation is to perform a full install of Windows or to do a Sysprep in the Acer machine before moving the HDD.

          Sysprep is a task offer by Windows and you can find information about it in the following Microsoft web articles:




          I hope this information is useful for you.

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            Hi Sylvia - thank you for your help. But there are things between heaven/earth and theory/practice: I checked and checked and at least I changed the hdmi-cable. The system works, perfect after installation of the driver-packages. So a preinstalled hdd from an damaged acer revo rl80 is now working in a nuc2820. Our learning is neverending. Thank you.

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