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    Halo 2 Glitch


      Posted this as a status first, ha ha still new at this. Anyway, bought this Satellite C55t-A5222 (great deal for the price) and I'm trying to run Halo 2 PC -which is a fav of mine on Xbox so I bought it on impulse while passing through a store- but I digress. There's a weird graphics glitch where object geometry (underlying triangles) are displayed in flickering patterns on reflective surfaces, in-game and on the loading screen, and everything is oddly whited out and hard to discern at times. I looked it up and was told to update my graphics driver and try running it in compatibility mode for Vista (for which it was originally released) both of which I did. Compatibility mode did nothing, and updating my Intel HD Graphics driver from to did nothing. Both "solutions" together accomplished nothing either. Tried a graphics driver uninstall and reinstall, also nothing. Decreased res in-game, altered FPS and tried v-sync on/off. Nothing.