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    Issue when switching between themes Windows 8.1 Enterprise



      First I have a Dell Notebook Model Inspiron 15z 5523, I bought it 4 months ago.

      I uninstalled the pre-installed Windows 8 due to crashes in Windows and installed Windows 8.1 Enterprise but I faced a strange issue which making me not happy at all.

      First things first, after installation finishes and when I get into Windows, no drivers or programs installed.

      I just Right-Click on Desktop and select Personalize to switch between themes, and as soon as I switch back to the Main Windows theme, a quick black flicker occurs, at first I thought it is a Windows issue since I still didn't install even the Intel Graphics driver.

      Now, right after I install the Graphics driver which is Intel HD Graphics 4000, I downloaded it from the Windows 8.1 section in dell website.



      and then after installing it, I face the following issue.


      When I click inside any open folder as shown in this recorded video and when I click on Desktop, doing this back and forth and I notice quick flickering inside the open windows.

      You will see this at second 0:26 in the video.



      It is also obvious in this video, I am doing this with the Intel Graphics Control Panel window.

      The issue occurs at the time 0:10 and 0:25


      However, I installed Windows 8 Single Language and the issue doesn't occur.


      But I am happy with Windows 8.1 editions.


      I tried installing Windows 8.1 Professional which has this theme as Windows Main theme and the issue occurs with any Windows 8.1 with this orange Windows Main theme.



      So, when I switch between Windows theme and Lines and Colors or Flowers themes and then switch back to Windows theme I get this quick screen flicker.

      So I assume this is a Windows related issue and bug, am I right? Since I didn't get the issue with Windows 8 Single Language, so that means no problems with my screen or graphics driver or any conflicting in hardware issue.

      Damn, I am not happy with this issue.


      Can you please tell me if this is the really supported graphics driver for this model supporting Windows 8.1 Enterprise that have this orange Main Windows theme. If not, can you please provide me with the correct driver?