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    Nuc issues video driver with 3D-XL(optoma)


      Ive recently aquired this cool looking Nuc2820, and ran into some issues with the videodriver.


      My setup:

      OS: Windows 8.1pro

      Nuc (use HTPC with Jriver) boots fine works great,.

      USB dac ( audio gd 2.32) no issues with sound

      Optoma 3D-XL (3D convertor for the beamer)

      Optoma HD700x (beamer)


      Anyway, when i feed the HDMI cable directly into the nuc, i can watch my movies just fine. it does not however when i feed the HDM cable to my 3DXL and after that into my beamer.

      then fun part is that when i deinstall my drivers (tried last 2 releases) and i use the generic video drivers which is provided with the windows installation, the damn thing works 3dxl and all, the annoyance there is that i cant make use of hardware acceleration. so thats a shocking presentation of my movies.


      This lead me to the conclusion that the drivers you guys made dont play well together with optoma's 3d-XL,


      Please give me a solution where i can use my 3d capable beamer using the Nuc.