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    Intel HD 4000 and Empire Earth




      Today my windows 8 machine forced-updated to 8.1, and along with the update came newer graphic drivers.


      The reason why I signed up here is to tell you that your new drivers makes the screen flicker in the game Empire Earth.

      As previously posted in:

      :8.1 dont like old games graphic issues with many people ?


      There is nothing wrong with the game & windows 8.1 itself since I have friends playing it, on windows 8.1 but with different graphics cards.


      I know for a fact that it is your driver thats causing the trouble because yesterday the game worked fine with your older driver (released 12/12/2012) worked just fine.


      Please dont tell me to contact the game company for a patch/fix, they ceased to exist in 2005. I just want to be able to play the game without going back to your older drivers.


      Let me know how I can be of any help in this.