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    4k@60hz output for hd 4600 on a  mobile processor


      I will add this link up front, as the page clearly says 3840x2160@60hz is supported:


      The problem is that I just picked up an Asus pb287q 4k single tile monitor(Havent received it yet). But then I get contradictory statements , notebook retailer saying it will not be possible, others saying it in fact is working...

      So which is it ?

      My laptop is a Clevo p157sm/Sager np8250 with a hm87 chipset. Windows 8.1 and the processor is a i7 4800mq.

      I also got a hold of the "Mobile 4th Generation Intel Core Processor Family" - datasheets , and I'm quoting :

      "The HDMI* interface supports HDMI with 3D, 4K, Deep Color, and x.v.Color. TheDisplayPort* interface supports the VESA DisplayPort* Standard Version 1,Revision 2.

      Each digital port is capable of driving resolutions up to 3840x2160 at 60 Hzthrough DisplayPort* and 4096x2304 at 24 Hz/2560x1600 at 60 Hz using HDMI*"

      "The processor is designed in accordance with the VESA DisplayPort* Standard Version1.2a. The processor supports VESA DisplayPort* PHY Compliance Test Specification1.2a and VESA DisplayPort* Link Layer Compliance Test Specification 1.2a."

      There is no readily available information from resellers on this as I am aware of.......  The only thing I was told in that respect is that there is no wiring/configuration in the clevo/sager that disrupts the output of the IGP, so that the rules for output that INTEL put in their support information will hold.

      So ..... Is it possible to get an answer from Intel ?