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    Does Connecting USB before the 5V Power Supply Damage the 1st Gen Galileo Boards?


      I have a board that I when I first received I first plugged it into my computer and then plugged in my power supply that is unable or having difficulty communicating with my PC. The lights come on, but the device manager doesn't have any unknown devices, new devices, and "Gadget Serial v2.4." Windows 7 doesn't make the connect and disconnect sound either.


      This guide states that it does (seems official sense it linked here Introducing the Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Development Board) : Galileo Getting Started


      "WARNING - For 1st Generation Galileo Boards - power the board through its power supply BEFORE connecting it via USB to your computer. Otherwise, you may damage your board."


      This guide strongly implies that it does: https://communities.intel.com/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/21838-102-6-25157/Galileo_GettingStarted_329685_004.pdf


      "WARNING: You must use the power supply or you will damage the board.

      Connect the 5V power cable to the Galileo board and to a power outlet.

      Note: Always connect the 5V power before any other connection. "


      This guide says that it does not but is not recommended: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/galileo-getting-started-guide


      "The Galileo can (supposedly) be powered via USB (on the Client port), but Intel recommends against that. "


      Common sense tells me that if there was that large of a design flaw then there would at least be a warning on or in the box if not on the circuit board itself. I refuse to be believe that it can be damaged from accidentally disconnecting the power before the USB even if it's not directly the user's fault. That's a MASSIVE design flaw.Surely I'm having a driver or USB cable problem.


      Does it or does it not have lasting issues from USB being powered before the 5V power supply?