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    Problems with i7 4770k stock cooler rpm's


      Im having a problem that is driving me nuts seriously, the fact that my stock cooler of my i7 4770k is just at idle rpm, it stays ay 1100 rpm ALWAYS, no matter if im on idle or im playing games or doing stress tests, it never kicks the full speed.


      Now when i actually restart the computer I CAN HEAR the fan FULL SPEED, but as soon i enter the BIOS or OS it goes down 1100 rpm... i checked the BIOS configurations and updated the BIOS still nothing, my MOBO its an ASUS B85-PLUS.


      Speed fan isnt detecting my cpu fan nr does HWmonitor... so i cant control them manually...


      I installed a software called AI suite for the asus mobo, and allows me to control the fan but the max rpms i got is 2500 rpm BUT i still cant HEAR it as when i restart the computer and its LOUD.


      I seriously need help here i dont know what to do i even read that windows 7 could be the one that is buggy in detecting the fans and rpms and stuff so im just thinking in just instal another OS.