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    Wake on LAN problem with Gb CT adapters


      Hi all,


      I just purchased a pair of Gigabit CT adapters, model EXPI9301CTBLK.  These are teamed.  If I put the machine to sleep, and attempt to wake it via magic packet, within a short amount of time (still undetermined what the max is), I am able to wake the computer.  Thus, we know I have the correct MAC address.  But if it's in sleep mode for, say a couple of hours, or overnight, I can no longer wake the machine via magic packet.  It's as if the machine goes into a deeper sleep after a certain amount of time.  WOL worked with my on-board adapter (using its MAC address), with the various WOL utilities I use, so I know the utilities work just fine; AMD's program, a Mac program, and a python script -- they all work.  And with the new config they all work within the "short amount" of time after the machine goes to sleep, but not once it's in the "deep sleep" mode. In troubleshooting, I've set both adapters in the team to wake on magic packet, and wake from power-off mode (just to be safe). Any ideas on what might be causing this?  Thanks for any help.


      Asus P5Q Deluxe


      8G Kingston Hyper-X (PC 8500)

      Visiontek ATI 4870 512M

      Corsair TX-750 PSU

      2X Intel EXPI9301CTBLK Gb NIC

      Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2