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    Disks exiting the RAID array


      Hi all!


      I hope this is the correct place for this problem, it is rooted in the P55 chipset after all.


      I have an ASUS P7P550-E LX motherboard wit the Intel P55 Express chipset. I have a RAID 5 array of four 1.5 TB disk that has been running for a few years. The system (Windows 7) is on a different disk, so booting is no problem.

      One of the disks failed yesterday and another disk reports a problem (might fail soon) so I started looking into the problem.

      At one point when I rebooted the computer, the BIOS spontaenously changed from RAID to IDE and after that (even though I changed back to RAID) the array is so longer a proper array. When I look at it during boot, it says "Not a member" on the healthy disks. When I look at it in Windows with RST Manager two disks are still inte the array and two are outside the array. See enclosed image. The disks are obviously there and alive, but has ended up "outside" the array. How could this happen?



      The question now is: How do I get these disks back into the array? As long as I can do that, the data should be recoverable, since only one of the disks is faulty.


      Very grateful for any help!


      Andreas from Sweden

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          Hello Andreas, I really sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your system.

          I’m afraid to tell you that there is no way of knowing what caused the problem, but so far these are the two possible scenarios and the recommendation we can give you.

          - 1st scenario: 3 out of the 4 hard drives lost the RAID structured; therefore the driver does not see them as members of the array.

          - 2nd scenario: the raid controller is defective and it is not interpreting the information.

          The only recommendation we can give you is the following:

          • Do not touch (not formatted) the hard drives.
          • It will be necessary to get another motherboard (same chipset), or at least a 6 or 7 Series motherboard.
          • Change the SATA mode to RAID, connect the hard drives and see if it reads the RAID structured.