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    Can't get to BIOS no matter what I try on DZ77-RE75K MB


      I'm evaluating a system for use and this board will not let me get into BIOS no matter what I try. They keyboard seems to work, num lock can be turned on and off, and as soon as I get to where it tries to boot an OS, I can alt-ctrl-del to reboot. I've tried 4 different keyboards, and every USB slot. I've tried moving the BIOS jumper to every spot, I've cleared it by taking out the battery and holding down power, I've tried with the back2bios button on and off. When back2bios is on, it just boots up and tells me to unclick the button, doesn't go to bios. F2 or del do nothing when mashing them constantly during POST. They keyboard(s) seem to initialize immediately because I can turn num lock on and off, I've also tried removing everything but the video card and one stick of RAM. Cannot try with just the built in HDMI because I don't have a cable. Any ideas?