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    intel pch temp high


      hello all
      i have bought a new laptop a few days ago with i5-4200m (it has full hd display)




      my cooling fan will start running at high speed when system is on idle and that made me search for a solution


      I downloaded HWiNFo64 and discovered a new to me temp called "Intel PCH temp"


      I noticed that cooling fan would start running at high speed when pch temp was hitting 80 celcius degrees...
      and when it was falling to 70 it would stop until again goes to 80...So thats my first conclusion why the fan starts speed up...


      The most time i use my laptop even if i just look at it without even browsing..the cooling fan is running high speed and
      I wonder why that "Intel PCH temp" keeps staying on 70-80 celcius degrees...


      I have read that systems with high resolution displays tend to have higher temps on PCH (thats why i mention full hd above)


      what could possibly raise the PCH temp so much???

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          Thanks for joining the Chipset community.

          I understand you have some questions about PCH temperature.

          Please bear in mind you are currently operating a laptop computer, normally, mobile components run hot by default because they are integrated in a small environment.

          In regards to the PCH temperature, I am afraid your post does not mention the chipset type, however, PCH temperature can go higher than 70-80C, it can reach up to 105C or more, this will depend on the system configuration and the cooling solution integrated by your computer manufacturer.


          I hope this help you with your inquiry.