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    Automated script to build images for Intel Galileo


      I have written a simple script to automate the build process for Intel Galileo yocto images.


      The script can be used to build uclibc/eglibc images.

      It cannot build SPI images since I did not feel it was that important.


      It has been tested to work on Debian 7.5


      To run the script (make sure it is executable)




      Current version built is 1.01

      It will create the images in ~/build/meta-clanton/*/*/*

      and can be used to create the SDK also


      ./build_clanton.sh --help for more info.


      It can help if you do not want to type everything and if you are a new user (when things can get frustrating)


      If you find bugs or need more functionality/documentation please let me know (Rushang.Karia@asu.edu)