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    7260AC Connection/Stability/Range Issues


      Ya... people are starting to sound like broken records... Just bought a brand new Toshiba laptop with the 7260 AC and can't maintain a connection from more than 10 feet away. However my friends ancient eMachine can connect 5 bars outside of the house on the patio with no problem.  I have downloaded all of the latest drivers. Just wanted to post because something needs to be done about this. 

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          Hello jtm,


          I am really sorry for issue you are having. I totally understand your frustration but let me help you.


          I would like to provide some troubleshooting steps but I first need to have some more information about the system in order to provide accurate information.


          Can you tell me what is the driver installed? What is the Operating System running on the computer? Would you let me know what the model of the computer is?


          Kevin m

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            Hi Kevin - I am having similar issues, although not quite as dramatic. I have a new Asus UX303LN. I'm running Windows 8.1 and downloaded the newest drivers for the AC 7260 from Intel (downloaded on 9/11/14). The issue of me is that the AC's range is less than other (much older) adapters in other laptops that I have. I tried using Netgear N600 WNDR3400 and Linksys EA2700 routers. Speed is pretty good when I'm next to the routers but drops to about half of what other laptops get when I'm less than 20 feet away. I'm using the maximum performance settings on the computer. 


            Also, I checked the recommended settings here - Wireless Networking — What are the recommended settings for 802.11n connectivity?

            I don't have an option for 802.11n mode (enabled).


            Any suggestions would be helpful.

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              Hello p150,


              There are many things that can be affecting the performance on your system.

              Please try the following:


              1. Disable the uAPSD. Refer to this link:



              1. Check the antennas inside the computer are connected in the correct way. 
              2. Open CMD as administrator and run the following command: netsh wlan show interfaces

              This will display a lot of information and will show the signal of the wireless LAN.

              1. Change the Security encryption of the router. Here you can find more information:



              Kevin M

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                I had disabled APSD and that seems to have given me a speed boost. Security encryption is not the issue. Is there a way to test the antennas? I don't want to open my laptop if that's not the issue.

                Now I have a new problem. So far the issue is confined to one application so I will contact them as well. It's with Steam, which I am trying to use to download games. After a couple of minutes of downloading, I lose connection with the router, and the router becomes inoperable. It ceases to work for other laptops too. The only action that helps is to shut it off and turn it back on. Is there a fix for issues with sustained downloading?

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                  If the router becomes unresponsive for other systems, means there is something on router that is not working properly. So I would recommend you checking with the router manufacturer.


                  Kevin M