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    NUC DE3815TYBE power supply question


      The manuals for the DE3815TYBE motherboard shows two power inputs and several power ranges. The back panel DC connector is supposed to accept 12V (+/-10%) - 19V (+/-10%). The on-board Molex connector supposedly accepts 12V (+/-10%) - 24V (+/-10%). An ohmmeter test shows these two connectors are simply in parallel, why is the DC limited to 19V and the Molex to 24V?


      Further, the (+/-10%) specs make very little sense. Does the board accept 10.8 - 13.2V, then 17.1 - 20.9V, and then again 21.6 - 26.4V and anything outside that range is a problem? Or is it fair to assume the board can handle 10.8 - 26.4V without being damaged?


      Yeah, I know.. Pedantic questions. But inquiring minds want to know. I am planning to use this in a mobile environment where the board may see 11 - 16V, so I'd like to know if that is OK