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    Intel DQ45CB


      Updated bios after restart was reset to no raid, Default iDE drive. After complete restart did shut down. Reset bios back to raid. Computer will not reboot. Comes up with File     \Boot\BCD

      Status:  0xc000000e


      Reset bios back to default IDE all okay but no raid available.

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          So the saga continues. As a consultant i have the abilty to set some problems aside to get back to them later on. So i did last weekend. I toke the failed raid drives attached them to a new computer i was building, totally identicle to previos one the aa on he MB on the old was 205 on this new buils was 206 (last digits). Whala all is great they boot perfectly and raided (mirrored) all was great they were re mirroring everything was perfect. So i thought let me update this bios as it was the one that was shipped i beleive Aug 08. Can you belive this the problem returned.


          So we will move on to Windows 7