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    DN2820FYKH blank screen at boot


      I just received today from Amazon a DN2820FYKH to be used as a HTPC.

      I installed a  Corsair 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz RAM module CMSO4GX3M1C1333C9 which is listed as 1.35 V and a OCZ vertex II SSD 60Gb.

      The NUC unit would not boot, I just get a blank screen, no blink of the power pushbutton, no sound, no light either from the mouse or the keyboard.

      I can hear the processor fan, but no activity from the SSD.

      I also tried to boot from a bootable USB key on the USB3 front port to no avail.

      As I see that there can be multiple issues to check including monitor, I would like to ask if anyone has successfully used the Corsair RAM module in a NUC.


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          Thanks for joining the NUC community.

          I understand the NUC does not boot when using 1333 MHz memory at 1.35V.

          I have checked specifications of the NUC, especially memory area, I have noticed the NUC model DN2820FYKH comes with an Intel Celeron N2820 which supports 1066 MHz memory speed.

          Only NUC models with Celeron processor N2830 will run at 1333 MHz

          See here for more details:

          Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH — System memory



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            Thank you for the feedback allan_intel. I also think the memory is the key issue. But in the same page you mentioned, they say the NUC will run 1333 and 1600 memory at 1066. I now bought  crucial 4gb SODIMM from the list of supported memories and, although it is a 1600 one, the NUC works perfectly.


            At the end, the issue was incompatibility of the memory. Would you please put Corsair 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz RAM module CMSO4GX3M1C1333C9 in the list of unsupported memory chips?


            Thank you.

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              Thanks for the feedback, I am glad your computer is working now.



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                I have unfortunately found myself in the same situation, but with 10+ NUC's with the N2820 CPU and the same wrong Corsair 1333MHz RAM..  It has been out of share luck that my previously ordered NUC's have the correct RAM, and shows that changing a different supplier can indeed yield older NUC revisions (with different hardware) I.E H22962-102 instead of H22962-103.  And there is no way of truly knowing what NUC revision your supplier is going to send, unless you physically go in and check the boxes yourself.


                My mistake was to also put my trust in the DN2820FYKH brochure/brief and website, in which it specifies that 1333MHz is valid for the model, to which I erroneously assumed it meant all computer revisions under that title...!!!

                Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH


                Anyway please Intel, don't keep the same name in a product where the hardware support is different in a per revision basis. I confuses and costs the customers (I'm not the only one as I can see), confuses and annoys the suppliers and probably gets you more support tickets you don't need!

                A DN2830FYKH NUC should not be called a DN2820FYKH NUC!!  But apparently they're the same..

                Lesson learnt, it's logical - order the RAM after you know the NUC(s) version before you receive the NUC...


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                  I am confused - are you saying that you got that particular Corsair memory to work in a newer (-103) NUC after it has not worked in older (-102) NUC?  Normally if there is a memory compatibility issue (such as "density" or the lower voltage not being properly included in JEDEC SPD), a NUC revision won't improve that.  It is true that compatible memory may operate slightly faster in newer NUC, but I'd be surprised if newer NUC actually changed compatibility.  In this thread, the original poster was correct (saying the issue was not 1066 vs 1333 vs 1600 but rather the particular memory module) and allen_intel left out important information (he didn't explain that 1333 and 1600 are supported as 1066).  The bottom line is that memory compatibility with current NUC models is very confusing because memory vendors often don't describe memory chip "density" which is important to NUC.

                  Although I agree that it would be nice for NUC name to have 30 vs 20, I'd be surprised if it changes this compatibility issue.  When you read about 1333, it is not enough information to specify compatibility (you still need typically newer modules with specific "density" requirements, and of course the 1.35v).