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    Galileo not detected after booting from Yocto image


      Hi, I am using this Yocto Project Linux image w/ Clanton-full kernel + general SDKs + OpenJDK-6 + Tomcat 7 image for one of my Galileo projects. The image boots fine from the SD card and I can ssh into the board using the serial cable. Now I need to upload the WiFiWebClient sketch into the board but the problem is when I connect the USB cable with the SD card on, the galileo board is not showing up in the Arduino IDE. But when I use the Linux_image_for_sd_intel_galileo image, I can upload sketches with the sd card on. The problem exists only with the above mentioned yocto image. That is the only image that suits my project so what did I do wrong?


      P.S. I had problem running the yocto image where it fell into a loop reading couple of lines from the inittab.d file so I went inside the image-full-clanton.ext3 file and commented both the lines from inittab.d file and then the project works fine