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    Why my charging light is blinking


      when I put the charger into my galileo, the "on“ light is blinking? I have post one pic to show the spot of charging light.

      Any I put the mirco usb connect to my computer, the usb light is off, and I can not see the board in my computer.

      Could anyone know what is the problem.



      The charger is not from Galileo's kit, I buy it from other place with same output voltage and current as the document says. 5V 2A charger


      Thanks a lot!



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          Hi DarkPirate,


          When you connect the Galileo board, the ON LED is supposed to stay always on, not blinking. Also, when you connect the micro USB to the USB port in your computer, the USB LED should remain ON, not OFF. When the board is connected to the computer via USB or serial you should be able to see the Galileo in the Device Manager under the ports tab. I suggest you to try and connect the board via serial cable to your computer and access the Linux side of the Galileo, if the board is not able to boot then the problem is probably the charger. Regarding the charger, the output voltage and current should work, but maybe it is a problem with the cable? Also, which is the firmware version you have?



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            Hi Alvarado,


            Thanks a lot for your help!

            You are right, the problem is in the power supply. Now the "ON" and "USB" light is always on.


            Thanks a lot for your kindly help!


            Best regards,