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    Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal igdkmd64.sys


      Hi, im getting this error about 10 minutes in any game, ive reinstalled the drivers and everything and it still happens, i have an asus laptop, please help ive been struggling with this error all week.

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          Hello Dalekman9999,


          I understand you are getting the igdkmd64.sys error on your laptop. This error could be related to the onboard graphics driver.


          Bear in mind that we provide generic drivers and some computer manufacturer does not allow the installation of this drivers.

          We always recommend using the latest drivers provided directly by your motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer. However, you may try our drivers and force the installation by performing a manual procedure. Please check the following URL:  Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected    

          You can download the driver for your graphics controller from the following link: Intel® Driver Update Utility      In case our driver does not work properly in your system, please install the driver from your system manufacturer


          We provide an application that is called Intel® Processor Diagnostics Tool. You can run this application and it will diagnose the processor components and will generate a result. I suggest you running this in to discard any possible issues with the processor (hardware).


          You can get this from the following link:


          If operating system is 32 bit based:    Intel® Download Center             

          If operating system is 64 bit based: Intel® Download Center    




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            I have reinstalled the drivers multiple times and its still not working properly, the tool says its "PASS" But the error still occurs, is there any way i can provide an error log if one is saved somewhere? Does the BSOD error log save anywhere on my pc so i can send it?

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              Dalekman9999, it looks like the problem persists even though you installed all drivers and ran the Processor Diagnostics Tool.

              You might have a malware infection, corrupt or missing files, or bad Windows registry entries and for this kind of issues, a clean installation of Windows will be necessary.