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    X-25M COMRESET failed w/ Series 9 chipset


      I just upgraded to an Intel series 9 chipset H97-based board, and have attempted to attach several Intel SSD X-25m G1 disks to it. With the Linux 3.14/15 kernel, they all experience "COMRESET failed" errors, and ultimately take around 60 seconds to snap out of it for the kernel to detect them and initramfs to mount them. I've located several instances on the internet of other folks experiencing similar problems, and they all report that a firmware update resolves the issue. I'm running the latest firmware for these drives (8820), and still see this problem. Similar to other reports, different drives (e.g. mechanical drives) work fine on this PCH.


      Here's a report of a problem that sounds very much like this, that was ultimately resolved by a firmware update to the SSD.



      Is there any hope of getting a similar fix for the X-25m G1?