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    Unable to print from within the Galileo console


      I am using this linux image Prebuilt eglibc-based linux image and package repository which has CUPS package included already

      Connecting to the board through PuTTY via ssh

      I am unable to print text files(.txt), Encountered error (lpr: Unsupported document-format "text/plain".)

      Also, unable to print pdf files(.pdf), Encountered error (lpr: Unsupported document-format "application/pdf".)

      After executing print command(lpr <document_path>) with a word document file(.docx), printer does not respond or does not start printing

      I set the LogLevel to debug in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and you may check attached zip file for the logs I got in /var/log/cups.

      According to access_log, document has already been sent to print job

      I already installed the printer driver. Registered the printer through lpadmin command and set it to default print destination

      I was also able to replicate the same process in an Ubuntu VM with no issues at all

      Please advice. Thank you.