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    Why isn't make installed on Galileo


      I have the Yacto image installed and running on my Galileo.  I was following a post on how to install nano on Galileo and one of the steps is to use make where I am promptly told 'make - command not found'.


      I am not a big Linux user but have been learning my way on some Raspberry Pi's as well as a cubox.  Even simply things like apt-get aren't here.


      Getting back on point, isn't make sort of a core component in all Linux distributions?


      Is there something that I am doing wrong?


      Do I need to somehow install make?  (Can you even install make if you don't have make?)





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          Make is part of the devTools and the dev tools are an optional part of a linux installation.

          There are various builds of linux available for Galileo, some with dev tools and some without.


          For me, I followed the instructions at Intel's IoT website and build a version of linux with dev tools included.

          You can download an image to burn to SD Card from my blog here.

          You can read my post on the build instructions here.

          Inte;s original IoT Application Developers Toolkit page has since been removed, where I got the build instructions from, but the link to the instructions still works here. That might not be the latest linux build available. There is a lot of chat on the forum about various linux builds and to be honest I find it very difficult to follow them and know what's what. Maybe someone will post a summary of them all.


          Like I said, that particular version may not be the latest, but it's the one I use in my day to day Galileo work and I have found it to be very stable and has all the features I need.